Build truly meaningful relationships

Remember "it's not what you know, it's who you know"?


We make it easier to branch out and deepen your relationships.

Choose a BranchID that speaks to you

Meet new people without worrying about how to stay in touch

Create BranchCards for any occasion

You wouldn't want to share your Snapchat with your boss, would you?

Control the contact details you share

The more you share with those that you care about, the closer you get!

Branch supercharges your ability to build strong relationships!

No matter what platform your friends choose to use, you can reach out to them easily through Branch.


Even if they change their phone numbers or stop using a platform, you’ll always have your contacts’ up-to-date contact details.

There is a lot of friction in building relationships.

Pain Point: You’ve collected a lot of “connections” on different messaging platforms, but you still lose touch with them. 😨

We change phone numbers. We start and stop using platforms. Because we don’t always know when our contacts do these things, we lose touch. With Branch, you can let your contacts know when this happens - so you never lose touch again!


Pain Point: Finding time to talk or meet is hectic, so you end up not doing anything at all! 😱

In our next major product iteration, we’re working on making it easier for you to actually find time to have that call and finally catch up in person. So go ahead and connect with everyone you know so you can take advantage of these features soon!

What's your plan for strengthening your relationships?

You plan your holidays. You plan your Friday evenings. You plan your career.


Why wouldn’t you want to plan the most important part of your life: People?


We help you branch in, branch out, and build truly meaningful relationships. In no time, you’ll have the 'people-part' of your life sorted! 💃

Buy Physical BranchCards to finally ditch your email and phone number.  

For as much as we complain about how annoying it is to check email or share your new phone number with contacts, we do nothing to fix this.


With Physical BranchCards, you can share contact details and ensure they are always up-to-date in any circumstance. That could mean sharing your new work email address or sharing your Twitter handle alongside your phone number.

£ 10 100 BranchCards

Physical BranchCards
  • Receive 100 physical BranchCards with your unique BrCode 
  • Our BrCodes make it easy to share your contact details (iOS & Android)
  • Choose a custom BranchID (e.g. queen.jennifer, lisbon.hugo)
Buy for £10

500+ Branchers and counting.

Every time I met new people while traveling, I shared my BranchID and BOOM! I could share my WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter at once. Magical experience!
Carsten Schaltz
Outside my inner-most circle of friends, I always struggle to find time to meet those I want to build better relationships with. Fortunately, I saw a glimpse of what’s possible with Branch. I can’t wait to see the next version!
Michelle Wiles
I’m building a new life in Austin. It would’ve been tricky to figure out how to share my contact details with those I don’t want to lose touch with. With Branch, my friends could always reach out to me with confidence!
James Chance

Check out Branch Moments 🎉


When you reconnect with someone. When you create a deep connection with someone. When you discover happiness through the people you meet. 


These are all the moments that we strive to help create.


Branch Moments are a collection of all those moments, curated by Branchers 🙌

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